La Femme ROJE

Sheikh Strap


Designed in Vancouver, Canada

Composition: Produced with non-leather material / Anti-allergy metal harness or pins (brass)
Lining: Non-leather material
Colour: Gold, silver and black
Length: 85x1.5 cm
Cleaning instruction: Only with soft fabric and leather polish

Persia is full of colours, bold shapes, and exotic patterns. Shortly after I left my home country and started living in Canada, I realized that life here is simpler, in so many ways. Immigration comes with an endless amount of sacrifice and loss, both inevitable. One of the things you lose is the exotic sense of your home country.

You can’t take home with you wherever you go, but you can add dashes of it to your creations.

This collection is about the footprints Persia has left on my heart and my art. Wherever I go, no matter how simple and minimalistic my life becomes, those touches remain an inseparable element of my creations. Meet EDEN, our most simple, yet Persian collection of eye-wear straps.

Our accessories require a production and shipping time of 10 to 15 business days.

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