What is sustainability?

According to “Environmental Careers Organization Of Canada” , Sustainable fashion is fashion that’s mindful of its social, environmental and economic factors. It’s fashion developed by companies that pay their workers a living wage, give them safe, healthy working conditions and monitor its environmental impact, taking care to use more sustainable materials and reduce resource use throughout their products’ life cycle.

Sometimes you may see sustainable fashion called “ethical fashion”, “eco-fashion”, “eco clothing” or even “conscious clothing”. These terms are interchangeable though those using “eco” typically have a stronger focus on the environmental issues of fashion, rather than the social factors. Sustainable fashion also relates to our actions as consumers, especially when it comes to our consumption patterns.

How are we sustainable?

Since 2017, we’ve created clothing and accessories that meet the needs of everyday life with timeless style, quality, and fits. By ensuring each piece is designed to last, we can do our part in leaving the world a better place than we found it.

All the leather and fabric used in our designs are vegan and eco-friendly, with zero impact on the environment.

We eliminate unnecessary details for a calm, long-lasting feeling that one doesn’t tire of too quickly, but that is reached for day after day. This is because our designs are seasonless and not based on trends.

Our accessories are statement and avant-garde pieces that can elevate any simple and basic outfit into an outstanding and fashionable one. This will allow you to get playful with your looks, mix and match, and of course, consume and buy less.

La Femme Roje is aiming to empower artisans to protect their traditional craft techniques and help them support their families by establishing a sustainable income system for our artisans and employees. We believe that everyone should be treated with admiration and fair payment. The future of fashion relies on people; those who make our products, our lovely staff, and amazing customers.