Our Story

Rojan Hooshyar founded La Femme Roje in 2013 as a traditional approach to modern fashion and style. She had the idea of combining Persian elements of art with today’s trends, creating pieces that are comfortable, practical, and chic. What began in her tiny room with her simple pack of color pencils has grown sustainably and is today proudly a Canadian Vegan Sustainable brand that is International in mind, but forever Persian in heart.

Our Process

Each piece is inspired by a Persian tale or tradition, reciting a culture that has been passed along by each generation to the next one. After completing the design process in Vancouver, these designs come alive with the hands of our beloved artisans around the world, who put their heart and soul into creating an ethical wearable piece of art.

Our Mission

La Femme Roje’s mission is to encourage its customers and audience to make more mindful fashion choices. When designing our clothing line, We eliminate unnecessary details for a calm, long-lasting feeling that one doesn’t tire of too quickly, but that is reached for day after day. However, our accessories are statement and avant-garde pieces that can elevate any simple and basic outfit into an outstanding and fashionable one. This will allow you to get playful with your looks, mix and match, and of course, consume and buy less.

About The Designer

Rojan Hooshyar is an Persian Canadian Fashion Designer, Stylist and Entrepreneur. Her love for fashion, especially shoe design started from an early age when she would steal her mom’s heels and paint on them with a white-out pen! Rojan indeed had a rather avant-garde style compared with kids her age.

She started her education in management, receiving her Master's degree from the University of Tehran and later a certificate in Shoe and Bag Design and Pattern making from Arsutoria school in Italy before pursuing her big and ambitious dreams – to combine Persian and Middle Eastern fashion with modern and sustainable elements and materials.

This love and desire to make an impact with her creativity on the world of fashion came to life through La Femme Roje, where she encourages her audiences and customers to make sustainable and cruelty free fashion choices, help hand-crafters and artisans by keeping her productions local, and keeping Persian touches alive in her creations.

Over the years, especially after immigrating to Canada, La Femme Roje has had significant success all around the world, having physical showrooms in Tehran and Vancouver, and global customers who can purchase her designs through brand’s online store.

Rojan’s work and brand have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Lucy’s, Creator’s, among others and have also been part of fashion shows and events in Italy, Canada, and Persia. “My biggest goal is to be able to show the west that despite all the limitations, Middle Eastern women are empowered, stylish, and inspiring. I hope I get to introduce my roots to more people through my physical stores around the world, so that I would be able to see the excitement and joy in their eyes when they see and wear the fascinating eastern elements in my designs."