Our Story

La Femme Roje is a sustainable, eco friendly and artisan made fashion brand based in Vancouver and founded by Rojan Hooshyar. Having started its journey in Tehran,Iran , La Femme Roje collections and designs are inspired by Persian tales, art, and history. After moving its headquarters to Canada, the main goal and ambition of this brand has become introducing Persian culture, the power of Middle Eastern women, and empowering artisans while trying its best to have the lowest possible impact on the environment and planet. Today after over 7 years in business, La Femme Roje is on its mission to expand its audience and customers throughout the globe.

Our Process

La Femme Roje’s designs are inspired by Middle eastern, classic Persian, and Arabic textiles and patterns, with a touch of traditional geometric shapes and cuts. All the apparel, shoes, and accessories are designed in Vancouver, and produced all around the world by local artisans, using the best handcrafted fabrics and material from Milan, Istanbul, Toronto, Vancouver, and all around Iran.

Our Mission

The core mission behind La Femme Roje is to promote sustainable and cruelty-free slow fashion, handcrafted by local artisans all around the world, especially from Iran. All the materials used in La Femme Roje’s designs are Vegan and Cruelty-free. We have alternated leather, fur, and feather with vegan and harmless material, and source our viscose in a way that wouldn’t damage nature. La Femme Roje aiming to empower artisans to protect their traditional craft techniques and help them support their families by establishing a sustainable income system for our artisans and employees. We believe that everyone should be treated with admiration and fair payment. The future of fashion relies on people; those who make our products, our lovely staff, and amazing customers.

About The Designer

Rojan Hooshyar is an Iranian Canadian Fashion Designer, Stylist and Entrepreneur. Her love for fashion, especially shoe design started from an early age when she would steal her mom’s heels and paint on them with a white-out pen! Rojan indeed had a rather avant-garde style compared with kids her age.

She started her education in management, receiving her Master's Degree from the University of Tehran and later got a certificate in Shoe and Bag Design and Pattern making from Arsutoria school in Italy, before pursuing her big and ambitious dreams – to combine Iranian and Middle Eastern fashion with modern and sustainable elements and materials.

This love and desire to make an impact with her creativity in the world of fashion came to life with La Femme Roje, a Vegan and Sustainable brand. Through La Femme Roje, encourage her audience and customers to make more sustainable and cruelty free fashion choices, help hand-crafters and artisans by keeping her production local and fully handmade, and show the western world the true power and uniqueness of Middle Eastern women.

With every collection, Rojan aims to narrate a story of her roots in her homeland. La Femme Roje has had significant success all around the world, having physical showrooms in Tehran and Vancouver, but her online store reaches customers from all over the globe.

Rojan’s work and brand have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Lucy’s, Creator’s, among others and have also been part of fashion shows and events in Italy, Canada, and Iran. “My biggest goal is to be able to show the west that despite all the limitations, Middle Eastern women are empowered, stylish, and inspiring. I hope I get to introduce my roots to more people through my physical stores around the world, so that I would be able to see the excitement and joy in their eyes when they see and wear the fascinating eastern elements in my designs."