• What does “Sustainable Fashion” mean?

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than just addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion. This means dealing with interdependent social, cultural, ecological, and financial systems.
[1]Sustainable fashion also deals with considering fashion from the perspective of many stakeholders - users and producers, all living species, contemporary and future dwellers on earth. Sustainable fashion, therefore, belongs to and is the responsibility of, citizens, the public sector, and the private sector.
  • What does “Vegan Fashion” mean ?

Vegan fashion simply means: clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories that were made without using and harming animals. To be more specific: fashion items that do not contain any animal materials and for which no animal by-products were used during the entire production process. 

  • How are La Femme Roje products Vegan and Sustainable?

We use sustainable and vegan fabrics only, meaning that our products are completely eco-friendly and no animal has been harmed in the process of producing La Femme Roje goods.
We respect nature, animals, people who work for us, and anyone who has been involved in the production procedure.
  • What does "Limited Edition" mean?

All products except face mask and straps are limited edition, meaning that there’s only 21 of them made. Once all 21 items are sold out, the design will not be reproduced.

  • Are all items limited edition?

Face masks and Eyewear Straps are NOT limited edition and are produced on a regular basis.

  • How can I find my size?

Some products are produced in a single size. (Free sized). Our Shoes, Belts and Belt bags are produced in different sizes. To find out which size fits you best, click here to see the size guide.

  • I can’t find my size in the chart. What should I do?

If your measurements do not match any of the standard sizes, or if you have any medical concerns related to a pair of shoes, we can adjust the product based on your needs.

Send us an email support.marketing@lafemmeroje.com and we will make the desired changes.

  • What types of shoe trees do we use?

We use Turkish shoe trees, which are one of the most comfortable and universal types of shoe trees.

  • Can you adjust your products to meet my needs?

All sizes, colours, and fabrics are adjustable. Email us at support.marketing@lafemmeroje.com

  • How can I pay for my purchases?

You can pay by all types of credit and debit cards (Visa, Master, etc) or via PayPal (me@lafemmeroje.com)

If you live in a country that does not have access to visa and master, email us at

support.marketing@lafemmeroje.com for an alternative payment method.

  • What currency are your prices in?

All purchases are proceeded in Canadian Dollars.

  • How do you ship my purchases?

We ship via Canada Post, Fedex and DHL.

  • How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Depending on whether your purchase is available in stock or made to order, the time may change. For in-stock items, it will take 1 to 3 days to process your order and be ready for shipping. Once your items have been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. 
Made to order items usually take about 10 to 30 business days to be produced and shipped. For more information, send an email to support.marketing@lafemmeroje.com
  • What is your return policy?

We only refund or return in case the product was faulty, or the wrong size within 3 days of its delivery. If there was a fault with the product, we would be responsible for the return costs. Otherwise, if the purchase is not the right size or fit, the customer will have to pay for the return costs. Please also note that the customer is responsible for all customs and tax charges upon the delivery or return of any product.

  • How can we learn more about you and contact you?

You can contact us through our Instagram, Facebook, Telegram channel, and email address.


  • Can La Femme Roje help me style my outfit for a special event?

Absolutely! Our in studio styling services are designed to help you create a look that is both fashionable and reflective of your personal style. Whether you want to wear one of our pieces or bring your own clothes.

  • How long does a styling appointment take?

The length of your appointment will vary depending on the number of outfits you want to try on and the complexity of the looks you're trying to achieve. On average, styling appointment takes approximately one hour.