La Femme ROJE

Rokh Belt Bag


Designed in Vancouver, Canada

Composition: Produced with non-leather material / Anti-allergy handmade buckle and pins (Brass)
Lining: Non-leather material
Colour: Black
Size: One size only
Bag size: 19x14 cm / Belt length: 105x4 cm
Cleaning instructions: Clean only with soft fabric and leather polish

"The ROKH collection draws inspiration from different eras and empires in Persia's rich history. While fully capturing the depth and beauty of this concept is difficult, ROKH has endeavoured to represent the entire path of Persian history, highlighting its virtues and unique features.

The textile designs in this collection were inspired by the Safavid and Qajar eras, incorporating ancient patterns and motifs used in their apparel, as well as antique Persian rug designs from the Sasanian empire. All textiles have been crafted with a velvety texture, evoking the power and richness of these historical periods.

ROKH accessories, on the other hand, feature the iconic "Shah Abbasi" floral pattern, also known as Niloofar Shah Abbasi. While the beauty of these bygone days may be lost, ROKH seeks to revive them through a modern approach, bringing these timeless designs to a new generation."

Our bags require a production and shipping time of 10 to 15 business days.
Order this item in your favourite colour by contacting us through email.

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