La Femme ROJE

Khatoon laser-cut Scarf


Designed in Vancouver, Canada

Square scarf with leather fringes

Composition: Produced with non-leather applique / 80% cotton / 20% Polyester
Colour: Black
Square: 130x130 cm / Fringe length: 15 cm
Cleaning instructions: Wash in 20-30 degree water, Iron safe

"The Khatoon Collection is inspired by the power of women who have been silenced. These women are enigmatic and bring hope to life. They long for freedom, knowledge, and love but refuse to compromise any aspect of their true selves to please those around them. If you have met one of these women, you will understand the admiration and celebration they deserve and the sense of calm amidst the chaos they can bring. Rojan, the Creative Director and Designer of La Femme Roje, beautifully captures the essence of these women through her unique designs and vision."

Our accessories require a production and shipping time of 10 to 20 business days.

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