La Femme Roje, Where East Meets West

La Femme Roje offers elevated modern, brave, powerful fashion pieces through curated sustainable, vegan collections that refine elegance.

With whimsical Middle Eastern, classic Persian, and Arabic textiles and patterns shot against the, renowned for its cultural diversity, city-scape of Vancouver, La Femme Roje is where East and West cultures collide. Empowering and utterly flattering fabrics soaked in enchanted details the ultimate modern fairytale that inspires an intimate feel of power and audaciousness.


La Femme Roje Colletions

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing beauty of the Middle East, we aim to encapsulate the essence of Persian tales, art, and history. Swathed in the infamous geometric prints all through Persian and Islamic architecture, every design is a visual representation of its true charismatic ambiance that has adorned our clothing designs, textile prints, shoes, and handbags.  

By creating a tender connection through Iranian and Middle Eastern fashion with modern and sustainable elements, La Femme Roje showcases the power and audaciousness of the silenced Middle Eastern women who, being the mysterious sparks of life and hope, crave freedom, venture, awareness, and love. Our designs embrace the spellbinding determination of those who won’t give up any pieces of their true selves to please anyone around them. A true symbol of chaotic tranquility that should be cherished and celebrated at any given chance.


Ethical business practices & slow fashion 

After a highly successful collection of handcrafted shoes in Tehran, Femme Roje continued to promote sustainable and cruelty-free slow fashion, handcrafted by local artisans all around the world, especially from Iran. With an arsenal filled with sustainable alternated leather, fur, and feather with vegan and harmless material, we aspire to help talented, local artisans to preserve their traditional craft and support their communities in the most ethical way possible.

Amidst the chaos of unsustainable and unethical fashion practices that drive many sewers work up to 20 hours per day for $2 in countries like China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam while being exposed to hazardous work environments, we aim to treat each one of our artisans with admiration and fair payment. After all, the future of fashion release on people, hence establishing a sustainable income system helps communities to flourish.


Vegan materials

With every collection, we focus on narrating a story of our Iranian roots for the whole world to admire. Through our vegan fashion lines, we are determined to stay away from the catastrophic impact of real leather and fur clothing & accessories that results in deforestation, biodiversity loss, and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we also source our viscose in a way that wouldn’t damage nature. 

In a time when most value novophilia love of something only because it is new La Femme Roje’s collections aim to take you on a vivid journey where hidden beauties of an intricate culture, rich history, art, and fascinating tales meet the contemporary Western aesthetic.